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Best beat maker softwares

Making beats using free VST plugins and other music production software has never been easier. There are hundreds of excellent virtual instruments and effects you can use, but it takes time to find the right ones. Here’s our list of the best free beat making software for aspiring music producers.

A beatmaker’s software kit needs a DAW, a sampler, some quality samples, a synthesizer, and audio effects. Our list of beat making software was imagined as a starting point for building your music production rig from scratch. You will find several free digital audio workstations that are optimized for beat making, some excellent free samplers and synthesizers, and a set of effects for taking your sounds to the next level.

Of course, you can always expand your beatmaker’s arsenal with additional tools. But it’s super important to have a good selection of software that will serve as the core of your beat-making setup.

Beat Making Software

This is the best free beatmaking software:

Digital Audio Workstations



MPC Beats


Caustic 3




TX16Wx Software Sampler


Grooove BPB

Sound Modules

Kontakt Player


SampleTank 4 Custom Shop


Tyrell N6


Creative Effects

Finisher Micro

iZotope Vinyl

Graillon 2


TDR Nova

Limiter №6

Youlean Loudness Meter

Digital Audio Workstations

The DAW is the very core of your beat making setup. It is the application you will use to record sounds, edit samples, play instruments, add effects, and finalize your music tracks using mastering software. We selected three excellent free DAWs for this beat making software list. Find more free digital audio workstations in our in-depth article about DAW software.