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Touchpad Beat Maker

Making music has never been any easier with MIDI devices such as touchpad beat makers. The music industry has been evolving alongside different styles of making music. If you aren’t aware of the easiest ways of making beats, this article is for you.

What is a Touchpad Beat Maker

This device enables you to create music beats conveniently on the fly. In addition, you can also make other sounds while also synthesizing them with the beats at your convenience.

The touch pad beat maker relays MIDI information that can trigger an instrument sample, Such as a drum, or use the sequencer to control the mixer functions based on your input choice.

If you want to produce music primarily based on samples, pad-style performance control is ideal compared to typical keys. Note, these devices aid in promoting fluent music production and workflow alongside creativity. Also, they help relay your ideas immediately.

AKAI Professional MPD218


  • It’s fitted with a software suite
  • Presence of USB Midi connectivity
  • Its MPC pads are ultra-responsive
  • Its design makes it ultraportable
  • It has durable knobs


  • Incompatible with windows 7

Design And Performance

Being a direct descendant of one of the most fantastic devices to usher hip-hop into the world makes this an improved version of its predecessor. It is backlit with thicker rubber pads and smaller and lighter for easy portability. So with a weight of 1.25lbs, you can conveniently make beats on the go.

Elements such as the backlight and the red-tinged rubber pads give it an elegant appearance. Also, its general design indicates that it’s far more sophisticated than its predecessor. The AKAI Professional MPD218 16 touchpads are hyper-playable and very sensitive to the slightest touch. That way, you don’t have to strain yourself as you make your beats.

Note that this device has up to three pad banks which are its dedicated transport controls. On the other hand, you get up to 48 trigger pads on the expandable bank feature for beats, including melodic samples, drums, and effects. So, whether you’re an intermediate or professional, music producer or Dj, or musician, this is an ideal device choice. Plus, if you’re looking for an astounding performance, the full-level and MPC note repeat controls are your best bet.

Novation Launchpad MK II Ableton Live Controller


  • It’s USB enabled
  • It’s portable due to its design
  • Features Ableton push two software
  • Has MPC responsive backlights


  • It can only function with Ableton live performances.
  • The user manual is difficult to follow

Design And Performance

Since the Novation Launchpad MK II Ableton Live Controller is USB bus-powered, there’s no need for power sockets due to the lightweight of its 8x8 grid launch pad. In addition, the scale mode assigns the pads of the launchpad to some specific modes. With that, you can be sure that your vocals, melodies, and baseline will ring just how you want.

With its Ableton push 2 live, it is an excellent additional hardware to your music studio. Remember, the USB cable it uses is 2.0. To add elegance to your music production, it renders attractive visual appeal courtesy of its 64 RGB light-up pads.

With this device, you can create something new from existing beats and melodies in the MIDI controller. Additionally, you can use the push-2 live performance to alter the built-in tracks in this device.

Note, the 8x8 grid means eight buttons at the top and eight at the bottom. These buttons come pre-assigned and others assignable, which you can use in your music customization. These buttons are for; stop, mute, volume, pan, solo, etc. Remember, light under the pads indicates that you’re playing clips within specific ranges.

Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 drum controller


  • It’s fitted with sensitive knobs
  • Compatible with many software, including DAWs
  • Its MIDI controllers are ultra-sensitive
  • It features a high-resolution display


  • Others may be disappointed with its quality
  • Customer Support of mashine mk3 may be unresponsive.

Design and Performance

The Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 is unique as it is an instrument itself due to the presence of a companion software it comes with. Also, you can use its touch-sensitive knobs for convenient music customization.

With these knobs, you can map frequently used plugin parameters, Fx, and instruments. In addition, you can also activate unique menus like; FX parameters, tag clouds, and sound settings. The clips, on the other hand, can help you in;

  • directly recording into MID
  • Create different music variations
  • Place audio at your convenience

The smart strip lets you play in different ways. Also, you can use the device keyboard wheel to modulate different sounds.

If you have no idea for new tracks, the variation engine has you covered. That way, you can randomize while also creating new melodic patterns. With the help of the device’s 16 velocity-sensitive pads, you can generate the sound quality of your preference.

The device has three independent sequencer steps, with two responsible for making baselines and riffs due to their homophobic nature. However, if you want to control up to 16 drums, the third sequencer step is your best option.

Software Beat Maker

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Final word

Deciding on the best touchpad beat maker relies on the type of best you can want to make. Since there are many options in the market, you can choose based on a vast array of beat variations according to your preferences.